Ronaldo’s mom accused of witchcraft

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mom has been accused of black magic and witchcraft.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s mom Dolores Aveiro now broke her silence over that latest accusation claiming she restored to witchcraft to cause a crisis in her son’s relationship with his longtime partner Georgina Rodriguez.

Aveiro confirmed that she will file a lawsuit against the rumors and pointed out that a well-known Portuguese newspaper was using her family’s name to promote the news company’s name.

Ronaldo’s mother shared her statement on her Instagram account, attached a picture titled that read: Urgent, and attached a lengthy caption that read: “I want to communicate on my behalf and on behalf of my family (Aveiro family) Where it includes @katiaaveirooficial wife of my son @cristiano, Rubina wife of my son Hugo, my son-in-law Alexandre husband of @georginagio meaning my 4 children myself and my 11 grandchildren.”

“Affirm that today May 16, 2023, my attorneys will clear my good name for my family and for what they represent in my life. A news story was released in a well-known Portuguese newspaper (a newspaper that consequently uses and abuses my family’s name to promote itself) this news, is false, slanderous, and even macabre where it talks about horrible acts that I possibly would have been ordered to do to take away the happiness of one of them my children, this slander is false it’s bad faith it’s unfounded.”

My good name will never be thrown in public, I will never allow such an anti-professional source to use my name in vain. I will go to the last consequences not only to protect myself and mine, but I will also prove that the sources, words, and writings spoken until then, were merely evil and groundless at all.
I thank those who follow me and respect me not only me and mine, and pay special attention to what is said and written, there are gratuitous insults after such kind of news that wound, hurt, and leave us handcuffed when it comes to our most precious asset that it’s the family.”

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