Ramadan 2024: Ala Amal series is under progress

Ramadan 2024 is rich in exciting upcoming series, some producing companies announced new seasons of the 2023 Ramadan series. 

Eagle Films, owned by Jamal Sannan, announced that is producing a new series called “Ala Amal” (which means: With Hopes).

The series is said to be taking place in Ramadan 2024. Ala Amal is written by Lebanese writer Nadine Jaber and will be directed by famous Syrian director and actor Rami Hanna.

Ala AmalThe cast of the new series, which will be produced in Beirut, Lebanon, “Ala Amal” are Lebanese actress Maguy Bou Ghosn, Syrian actor Mahyar Kaddour, and Lebanese star Badih Abou Chakra.

Maguy Bou Ghosn and Mahyar Kaddour joined the cast of the successful series “Till Death 3” in Ramadan 2023.

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