Ragheb Alama wears pink suit to support his son

Ragheb Alama showed support for his son in his new music video. 

Yesterday, Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama released a new music titled ” Fi Kteer Helween,” and in the music video, Alama surprised his fans by wearing a pink suit.

The pink suit the singer wore in his music video was similar to the one his son, Louai Alama wore in an Instagram post.

On June 20, 2022, Louai Alama shared a picture on his Instagram page where he showcased his look while out in Milano, Italy, and the model wore white sunglasses and a pink suit, but followers and fans of his dad did not like the look and believed the color was not “manly” enough.

Louai responded to the criticism and said: “I don’t usually respond to stories that sound so stupid, but I’ve seen several messages about my father’s statement of hatred, and the death threats that I got from one of the pieces of clothing that I was wearing.”


It seems like Ragheb Alama now responded to the criticism his son received and decided to wear a pink suit in his new video.


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