Maged El Masry rebuked after proposing to a minor girl

Egyptian star Maged El Masry was heavily blasted on social media after his hints that he would marry a 12-year-old girl.

In addition to the controversy caused by the series “Zawja Waheda La Takfi (One Wife is Not Enough),” in which he stars, El Masry is under the telescope after a video with the Kuwaiti girl Maria Jumaa, who is also starring with him.

The Egyptian star appeared in the video to praise the performance of Jumaa before jokingly saying that he would have married her if she had been older.

Despite being obviously joking, Maged El Masry was blasted online, the video was quickly circulated with many criticising El Masry’s proposal to Maria Jumaa. It was considered incompatible with her young age, which is only 12 years old.

Many comments slammed the man with some saying that even though it was a joke, but it was “inappropriate” to make fun of marrying a minor girl, meanwhile, another said: “He’s an old man in the age of her father, how could he say that?”

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