Ragheb Alama postpones US and Canada tour in solidarity with Gaza

Due to the latest ongoing Israeli war on Gaza, Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama announced postponing his upcoming tour in the United States and Canada in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. 

In a post on Instagram, Ragheb Alama said: “Regrettably, due to the challenging circumstances in Gaza, I must postpone my US-Canadian tour. I hope with divine blessings to return soon and bring smiles to your faces once again. Sending love to #Humanity #Gaza”. 

Fans welcomed the postponement announcement saying that such a decision shows the true colors of artists as humanity and compassion are a crucial part of an artist’s identity.

Fans hailed Alama in the comments replying to his announcement,  one comment said: “It is with honor we will come to see you again! ❤️“.

Another comment said: “Amazing human ♥️ true artist ♥️ lots of love to you”.

Another added: “One of your kind and a role model. We love you Ragheb 🙏🏽♥️

A number of other artists decided to cancel or postpone their concerts and events in solidarity with Gaza, including Egyptian rock band Cairokee which had a concert in Amman, Jordan just a couple of days after the war started and announced that they will be postponing the concert till March 24.

Also, Egyptian singer Amr Diab had a concert also in Amman that was canceled due to the current circumstances.

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