Palestinian baby celebrates 1st birthday on sounds of bombs

 It has now been over 3 months since Israel started tragic attacks on Gaza following Hamas’ Al-Aqsa Flood operation which was launched on Oct. 7. 

The death toll of Palestinians has now passed 25000, many of them being children with the number of injuries exceeding 60,000. Amid all this, however, a family still found time to celebrate the birthday of their baby, who turned 1-year-old.


In a video, which brought joy to many who saw it, a family was seen celebrating their child who just finished his first year.

Gaza could be seen being attacked in the background in the short video as the family celebrate.

Since the start of the attacks back in October 2023, Palestinians in Gaza hardly have a normal life or celebrate any occasion. So seeing a family push through to give their child a birthday celebration despite the bombardment that is happening around them is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

This family wasn’t the only Palestinian family to be seen celebrating the birthday of a loved one since Oct. 7.

Many countries, including Jordan and Saudi Arabia, are now pushing for a ceasefire in Gaza amid the rising death toll in the strip.

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