Iran likely to supply air defense missiles to Syria: Iranian state TV

Iran is likely to sell surface-to-air missiles to Syria, Iranian state television said on Friday, to help reinforce the air defenses of Tehran’s close ally in the face of frequent Israeli airstrikes.

“Syria needs to rebuild its air defense network and requires precision bombs for its fighter planes,” the state broadcaster said.

“It is very likely that we will witness the supply by Iran of radars and defense missiles, such as the 15 Khordad system, to reinforce Syria’s air defenses,” the TV said, adding that only parts of a recent defense agreement with Syria were being publicized.

Although Israeli officials rarely acknowledge responsibility for specific operations, Israel has been carrying out airstrikes against suspected Iranian-sponsored weapons transfers and personnel deployments in Syria for almost a decade.

Israel has also in recent months intensified strikes on Syrian airports and air bases to disrupt Iran’s increasing use of aerial supply lines to deliver arms to allies in Syria and Lebanon, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The strikes are part of an escalation of what has been a low-intensity conflict whose goal was to slow down Iran’s growing entrenchment in Syria, Israeli military experts say.

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