Özçivit underattack amid attending Qatar event

Famous Turkish actor Burak Özçivit got attacked and criticized amid attending an even in Qatar.

Famous Turkish actor Burak Özçivit was hosted in one of the international jewelry houses in Qatar, and when he showed up, many Turkish fans were not pleased.

Özçivit was invited to Qatar due to his large fan base in the Arab community, and was previously invited multiple times in Kuwait for similar events.

Meanwhile, fans were not happy with Özçivit attending the event, claiming he is being ignorant of what Turkey is going through after the deadly earthquakes  that hit the country.

But, it is reported that every penny that was made by the actor at the Qatar event has been donated to those who were affected by the earthquakes.

It is worth mentioning that the Turkish artist and his wife, Fahriye Evcen were among the first to donate to those affected by the devastating earthquake, as they previously announced their donation of 600,000 Turkish liras.

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