Crystal series: Alia and Rehab mother-daughter relationship based on the Turkish version (video)

 Recently shown episodes of Crystal series, adapted from the Turkish show Güllerin Savaşı (translated to: War of the Roses), have witnessed a lot of developments after Fay (Stephanie Atallah) attempted to uncover the truth about Rehab (Rula Hamada) through a DNA test that confirmed that she is the mother of Alia Karam (Pamela El-Kik).

The incorrect DNA test angers Fay

The revenge war between Fay and Alia Karam have developed into advanced stages, as Fay decides to destroy Alia by giving her a DNA test and letting her know that the maid, Rehab, is her mother.

Alia refuses to accept what she’s just heard, and decides to conduct another DNA test due to suspecting the credibility of the one conducted by Fay. Alia also asks Dr. Jawad (Mahmoud Nasr) to supervise the test.

The result of the second DNA test was negative, prompting Alia to ask Basil (Khaled Shabat) to expel Fay from the palace and end their marriage for faking the DNA test.

Fay gets shocked, especially since Rehab had previously confessed the truth to her and that the test was real. So, she exposes Alia and pushes her to undergo a second examination

Fay refuses to accept the negative test and rushes to the hospital to confront Dr. Jawad and accuses him of forgery.

As a result, Dr. Jawad expels Fay from his office, and decides to send her the samples.

Fay discovers that the hair examined belongs to Umm Ibrahim because of its white color, and decides to expose Alia by leaking the news to the press.

Alia gets angry and decides to confront Fay, who assures her that the hair belongs to Umm Ibrahim. Alia gets mad at Rehab.

How does Alia reveal the truth about her relationship with Rehab based on the Turkish version?

According to the Turkish version, Alia decides to take the DNA test again and announce the results in a press conference to silence the press and end this matter.

However, Alia gets deeply shocked after the examination paper is presented to the public, which reveals that Rehab is in fact her real mother, which puts her in an embarrassing position and a state of shock.

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