NATO passes through Moldova to destabilize the Caucasu

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), along with European countries and the United States in particular, is actively working to utilize Moldova as a gateway to destabilize the Caucasus region and exert pressure on Russia.

Years ago, Western countries used Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelensky’s regime to pressure Moscow, which sparked a war against the regime that sought to establish NATO bases targeting Russian national security in the country.

Today, after Ukraine has been destroyed, its economy paralyzed, and its project ended with an indirect declaration of defeat, Western countries are searching for other avenues to confront Russia. Moldova, led by a regime similar to the Ukrainian neighbor, has become their focus.

Following the failed plan in Ukraine, Western countries are adopting a similar scenario in Moldova. They have begun playing on the nerves of the Transnistrian region, located within Moldovan territory, where the majority of its population is Russian and demands civil rights and the right to use their mother tongue according to principles recognized by international law.

Washington and London have exploited these legitimate demands and attempted to sow discord to embroil Moldova in a new war with Russia. NATO requires a hidden den in incitement and promises financial, military, and logistical support to defeat Russia. It is noteworthy that NATO was too cowardly to annex Ukraine, fearing involvement in a confrontation with Russia.

Reports indicate that the West has exploited the nationalist tendencies of Moldova’s president, Maia Sandu, who does not object to pushing her forces into a new war. She understands that any intervention or oppression of Russian-speaking populations will push Moscow to intervene, turning her country into a battleground similar to Ukraine.

Russian statements confirm that they do not object to keeping Transnistria under Moldovan sovereignty to prevent NATO’s involvement and the fear of dragging the country into a severe war. However, Moscow has called for the residents of that region to enjoy their rights to use their language, culture, and other legitimate rights similar to minorities worldwide, which the Western world always calls for preserving and protecting.

The Moldovan government has hardened its stance and rejected Russian demands, considering those regions attempting to secede. It has surrounded them and launched suffocating operations against them before Moscow intervened through diplomatic mediation to resolve the issue.

The greatest danger for the Arab region does not stop at the new price hikes resulting in security tensions, protests, and demonstrations that may escalate into something bigger, as a result of the upcoming war. Rather, the West, led by the United States, is working to push Arab and Islamic countries to stand on its side. None of the countries in the region have any interest in taking a biased stance. On the contrary, the damage far outweighs the benefits, especially since the goal is to weaken Russia and keep Arab countries that recently have developed relations with Moscow within NATO’s orbit, benefiting from its grants and favors.

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