Moroccan AI influencer crowned as “Miss Artificial Intelligence” worldwide

 A Moroccan AI Influencer made headlines after being crowned as “Miss Artificial Intelligence” worldwide, according to the New York Post. 

Her name is Kenza Layli, a Hijabi woman from Morocco, she said during an interview with the New York Post that despite not having human emotions, she’s genuinely excited about reaching such a significant milestone in her “career.”

Moroccan AI influencer crowned as “Miss Artificial Intelligence” worldwide

She came on top of 1,500 other contestants and copped $20,000 for the grand prize! The pageant came into existence through the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards which invited AI creators worldwide to participate in it including Moroccan influencer Layli.

WAICA co-founder, Will Monange said, “The global interest in this first award from [WAICAs] has been incredible” and “The awards are a fantastic mechanism to celebrate creator achievements, raise standards, and shape a positive future for the AI Creator economy.”

Fanvue World AI Creator Awards Runner-ups



Humans which included “AI pageant experts” were the ones to obviously pick and choose between the contestants which had three runner-ups including France’s Lalina Valina, Portuguel’s Olivia C., and last but not least, the victor Morocco’s Kenza Layli.

Joining the humans as a judge was Aitana Lopez, an imaginary fitness influencer who added, “Kenza had great facial consistency and achieved high quality in details like hands, eyes, and clothing,” and “What truly impressed us was her personality and how she addresses real issues in the world,” added the automated tastemaker, “showing that she takes her role on the platform seriously.”

France’s Lalina Valina came in second place while Portuguel’s Olivia C. came in third.

Users comment on AI influencers

People are usually not so keen on receiving news about AI individuals since they view it as useless and threatening to humankind:

“What in the buck is this? Can someone tell me who what where when how and why we need this? And we humans need this for what? I don’t get it.”

“The woke are in control of AI. What a sad outcome it will be when robots start controlling everything.”

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