Mira Mikhael responds to Mohamed Attia: It was not because of religion!

Lebanese singer and Star Academy alum Mira Mikhael has responded to the recent statements made by her colleague Mohamed Attia, which sparked widespread controversy on social media.

Star Academy season one winner Egyptian singer Mohamed Attia has admitted that they had been romantically involved with Mira Mikhael for years before they separated due to different religions.

Mira broke her silence and responded to Attia’s statements in a video she posted on Instagram Stories where she said: “The reason was not religion, and if it was, we would not have been involved in the first place.”

She added that there were many reasons that led to their separation, but she refrained from mentioning them because it happened a long time ago, commenting: “I do not blame Mohamad, it’s been a long time and he forgot about it. We separated for many reasons that I will not discuss now, and the reason was not religion.”

Mikhael pointed out that the separation did not affect their friendship, as they still communicate constantly and have every respect for each other, saying: “The friendship has not changed over time, and there is affection between us.”

At the end of the video, Mikhael told her fans to stay tuned for her upcoming music, and thanked them for their interest and love for her.

Mohamad Attia recent interview with MTV

Star Academy winner Mohamad Attia has confirmed in an interview with MTV that he had a real relationship with his colleague, Mira Mikhael, during the time they spent together in reality show, Star Academy.

Attia added that the relationship did not end when the show was over, but rather extended for three and a half years afterwards. However they separated because of their different religions, although he had no problem with that.

Mohamad added that the separation did not affect their friendship, and that they communicate constantly despite of Mira’s marriage and having a child, commenting: “She is now married and she is a wonderful friend.”

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