Michael Jackson’s letter to Palestine

 Michael Jackson wrote an emotional poem about Palestine. 

Today, June 25, 2023 marks 14 years since the world lost the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and Albawaba is remembering the music legend with a poem he wrote for Palestine. It is rumored it was recorded as a song but never confirmed.

In 1993, Michael Jackson wrote a poem titled, Palestine, Don’t Cry.

See the plains
Of the days of old
Just a century ago
When stories of peace were told.
Of how Gallilie ran through
The Jordan River.
What remains are cold
Tales of war,
Of the death and dying
Bomb shells are flying
Bodies multiplying,

See the children crying.
What are they fighting for?
I will pray for you,
Oh, Palestine.
Oh, Palestine,
I will carry you, oh,
Palestine, Palestine.
Come deep in
My heart.
I’ll always love you.
Palestine, don’t cry,
I will pray for you,
Oh, Palestine. Oh, Palestine,
Oh, Palestine.
God’s a place for you
Oh, Palestine.
And, I believe in you. Oh,
Palestine, I will die for you.

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