8 Arab stars will not participate in Ramadan 2024 marathon

The countdown to Ramadan 2024 marathon has begun, and many actors from Egypt and the Arab world are confirmed not to participate in its shows and series, most notably Mona Zaki, Mohamed Ramadan, and Amr Saad.

Between commitments with other cinematic projects, lack of suitable scenarios, and lack of time, the reasons for the absence of these stars varied, although some of them maintained regular appearances in Ramadan seasons throughout the years.

Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan series in Ramadan 2024

The Number One hitmaker is considered the most prominent absentee from the upcoming Ramadan season, especially since he hasn’t been absent from the screen for 7 consecutive years, when he starred in Al Ostoora (The Legend) in 2016.

Mohamed Ramadan, 35, was supposed to return with the second season of the series “Jaafar Al-Omda,” which achieved great success last year, but the Egyptian artist announced that the show is going to be postponed until 2025 in order to devote his efforts to filming his new movie Asad Aswad (Black Lion).

Mona Zaki

Mona Zaki series in Ramadan 2024

Egyptian star Mona Zaki has apologized for not participating in the upcoming Ramadan season due to having her schedule full for filming the movie La’ab Eyal (Children’s Playing) co-starring with Karim Abdel Aziz, and directed by Tariq Al-Erian. And also because she will be busy filming her final scenes in the movie Al Jawaherji (The Jewelers) next to Mohamed Henedy.

Amr Saad

Amr Saad series in Ramadan 2024

Star Amr Saad, who has maintained his appearance on screen in Ramadan seasons for the past three years, announced his absence from the next season, to prepare for a “big project,” as he described it.

Saad posted on his Facebook account a picture while signing the contract with the Lebanese producer Sadiq Al-Sabah, and commented by saying: “Our dear audience, we have decided to postpone the Ramadan 2024 series, and from now on we are preparing for a huge series worthy of the great trust I took from your love for me over the course of 3 consecutive years.”

Ahmed Ezz

Ahmed Ezz series in Ramadan 2024

Egyptian star Ahmed Ezz continues to be away from Ramadan drama for the second year in a row, as his last appearance was in the series Hagma Mortadda (Counterattack) alongside the star Hend Sabry in 2022.

Ezz confirmed in press statements that he does not continuously like working on TV series, but rather he prefers the cinema.

Adel Imam and Yahya Al-Fakharani

Adel Imam and Yahya Al-Fakharani series in Ramadan 2024

Egyptian veteran Adel Imam won’t participate in any Ramadan series in 2024 due to his health conditions. Adel’s last television appearance was in the series “Valentino”, which was shown in 2020.

Similarly, Egyptian veteran Yahya Al-Fakharani continues his absence for the fourth year in a row, specifically since he presented the series “Naguib Zahi Zarkesh”.

Al-Fakharani justified his absence by not finding suitable television projects that would push him to return to the small screen again.

Ahmed Fahmy and Laila Elwi

Ahmed Fahmy and Laila Elwi series in Ramadan 2024

Egyptian actor Ahmed Fahmy has revealed that he is writing a new part of the movie “Keda Reda” for Ahmed Helmy, announcing his departure from the upcoming Ramadan race.

As for Laila Elwi, she attributed her absence to being busy filming the movie “Maqsoum” based on a story written by Haitham Dabour and directed by Kawthar Younes.

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