Mexican authorities arrest Chucky doll

The police in Mexico made an arrest involving none other than a Chucky doll. According to a report in the New York Post, a man named Carlos “N” had been using the Chucky doll to terrorize residents by wielding a life-sized knife and demanding money from them.

This bizarre scenario unfolded in Monclova, a city in the Coahuila state of northern Mexico, on September 11. Local authorities deemed the Chucky doll a “demon doll” due to its role in these troubling events, which posed a threat to public safety and disrupted the peace of the community.

According to Juan Ral Alcocer, the former head of the Monclova Police, it was believed that Carlos was under the influence of drugs while he engaged in these unsettling activities. He would hold the doll up to people’s faces, effectively scaring them, an offense that led to his arrest.

Both Carlos and the Chucky doll were taken into custody and were handcuffed upon their arrival at the police station. Mug shots were even taken, capturing this truly surreal moment.

During the photo session, the knife-wielding doll was propped up against the wall and held by its hair, all while dressed in its iconic denim dungarees.

While Carlos was eventually released, the whereabouts of the Chucky doll remain a mystery. The infamous Chucky, known as a possessed doll from the 1988 horror film ‘Child’s Play,’ gained notoriety for being a Good Guy doll housing the soul of a serial killer, thanks to a voodoo ritual.

Despite its diminutive size, Chucky possessed the strength of a fully grown man, making it a memorable and eerie character in the world of horror cinema.

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