McDonald’s joins campaign to support Saudi products

A campaign was released in Saudi Arabia calling on businesses to use Saudi-made products with the aim to support local industries. But, what the McDonald’s has to do with the campaign? 

In a surprising billboard placed in Saudi Arabia, McDonald’s in Riyadh made a huge poster with the slogan “From Saudi Arabia to Saudi Arabia” confirming that they joined the local campaign.

In the billboard, McDonald’s has stressed the fact that they are using Saudi-made products starting with burger buns, milk, eggs, cheese as well as cups.

McDonald's Saudi Arabia

Social media hashtags “#من_السعودية_للسعودية which means From Saudi Arabia to Saudi Arabia and #صنع_في_السعودية which means made in Saudi Arabia,” have been linked to all posters and posts that are linked to the new campaign in the country to support home-produced resources.

Furthermore, McDonald’s shared a post on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, announcing that the Saudi branch of the American multinational fast food is supporting a campaign for Saudi-produced resources.

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