Maradona Golden Ball trophy got stolen, heirs to take legal action

The late and legendary Argentinian football player Diego Maradona made headlines after news circulated that his Golden Ball trophy suddenly returned after being missing for decades and is set to go on auction in Paris, according to AP News. 

The trophy was awarded to Maradona at the 1986 World Cup when Argentina won the football competition and it was stated that it disappeared for unknown circumstances making it one of the biggest mysteries of the football world.

After returning to its rightful owners, Maradona’s trophy is set to be put into an auction in Paris next month after the Aguttes Auction House confirmed the news.

Maradona Golden Ball trophy got stolen, heirs to take legal action


Maradona’s heirs later claimed that the cup was stolen but also added that despite it going for an auction next month, the owner “cannot be entitled to sell it”.

Paradox Lawyers firm’s Gilles Moreu stated that he would throw an urgent request to have the cup taken off the auction and also added that legal action would be taken towards the individual or group of people who stole the legendary cup.

After the Golden Cup disappeared, Maradona made headlines after rumors circulated that the cup was lost due to a poker game or sold to pay off debts, as stated by Gillies.

The auction house states that if anyone got their eyes on the Golden Ball they need to be ready “to fetch millions due to its uniqueness.”

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