Fans furious with Selena Gomez amid Gaza war stance

American singer and actress Selena Gomez took to her official Instagram account to voice her opinion on the devastating war happening in Gaza and fans were not happy with her comment on the matter.

Fans were furious with her comment since she took a neutral stance on the ongoing war between Palestine and Israel and said “I wish I could change the world, but a post won’t.”

By the time of writing this article, Selena Gomez has garnered a whopping 430 million followers on her official Instagram account, so it’s not possible for her not to make an impact on the matter.

People took to social media platforms such as X (formerly known as Twitter) opposing and shaming the pop singer for making everything about herself and being vague.

They also added that her comment makes her look like she’s siding with the oppressor (Israel) and sympathizing with the genocide happening in Gaza despite it not being direct.

More comments on the matter include:

“Only Selena Gomez would find a way to make a genocide about herself”

“Selena Gomez saying “a post won’t help” to 430 million people is just”

“430 millions of followers. Yes, a post can do a lot Selena Gomez, you taking a break on social media causes this “affect you” but you’re in a million-dollar house while people are getting killed. You can’t even defend Palestine you take a “neutral” stance to save face.”

Other users claimed that she liked American comedian Amy Schumer’s Instagram posts that obviously stand with Israel and call Hamas a terrorist group.

“Break from social media” when she’s been liking Amy Schumer’s posts…”

The Make-up brand sponsoring Selena Gomez is Zionist

It was reported by an X account named Celebs Arabic that Scott Friedman the CEO of the make-up brand, Rare Beauty sponsoring Selena Gomez is a Zionist which might have added to her neutral response on the matter.

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