Haifa Wehbe’s new movie to be banned?

The Chamber of the cinema Industry, led by producer Farouk Sabry, addressed rumors claiming that Haifa Wehbe’s latest movie will be banned. 

According to Farouk Sabry, Haifa Wehbe’s new movie “Ramsis Paris” won’t be banned from screening as the rumors suggest.

He shared that these rumors are completely untrue, adding that the Chamber of the cinema Industry in Egypt did not issue any decision against the movie nor its production.

And film producer Remon Ramsis confirmed in a press statement that he would sue any person or media that publishes fake news about the company, and that Haifa Wehbe’s new move is set to be shown in movie theaters soon.

The movie “Ramsis Paris,” is scheduled for release during “Eid Al-Fitr.”

The movie stars Haife Wehbe, Mohamed Sallam,  Hamdi AlMirghni, Mostafa Khater, Mohamed Osama, Samira Magroun, and many others.

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