Latifa announces death of her mother

Tunisian singer Latifa announced the death of her mother on Jan. 1st.

In an Instagram post, Latifa said: “My mother, the light of my eyes, my life, my whole life is in the care of the great creator .. We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return .. In heaven, the most precious human in my life.”

Latifa’s mother has been in the hospital for a month as the Tunisian singer posted photos on Instagram and asked her fans to pray for her mother.


In an earlier post, Latifa wrote: “O Lord, for the sake of the prayers of every Muslim and every believer, on this blessed Friday, heal my mother, strengthen her, recover her and recover her well. Amen. Your prayers.”

She also said: “May God heal you, my mother, you are my support, my soul and my life. My life is nothing but you, may God keep you for us, prolong your life and protect you for us.. You love life, and life loves you, and with the permission of Allah, our Lord will raise you safe.”

Other celebrities, including Moroccan-Egyptian singer Samira Said, Egyptian actress Rogena, and Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherj, also took to social media to mourn the death of Latifa’s mother.

According to sources, Latifa’s mother, who was getting medical care in one of Sheikh Zayed Hospitals, will be buried in Tunisia.

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