Kerem Bürsin’s new series to air on Kanal D

Kerem Bürsin is set to star in a new Turkish series, and now, more details are coming to light. 

Turkish actor, Kerem Bürsin will star in a new Turkish production alongside Turkish actress, Hafsanur Sancaktutan.

The upcoming series will be produced by (Al Qamar) Ay Yapım production company and will be called “Ishraqati”. The work will be directed by Yargi’s director, Ali Bilgin, who already started working on the casting for the series.

Now it has been revealed that the new series will air on the Turkish channel, Kanal D.

Bürsin will portray the character Oghuz, who is a stubborn heir who comes from a rich, powerful family, while Sancaktutan will play the role of a woman named Laila.

Filming will begin in the first week of June, and the first episode will air in mid-July.

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