Jordanian student killed in US ahead of graduation

 Jordanian student Mohammed al-Kilani was shot dead in the United States two months before graduating from university.

Roya News quoted Kilani’s father Hani as saying that his son, in his 20s, was planning a surprise to Jordan to see his mother and sister ahead of his graduation.

Mohammed al-Kilani. Source: Kilani's Instagram account @Lordkilani
Mohammed al-Kilani. Source: Kilani’s Instagram account @Lordkilani

In the United States Monday, al-Kilani was on his way home from university when another vehicle started pursuing him, driving close and eventually blocking his way.

Kilani stopped to talk to its driver, but was faced with a gun and a shot fired directly at him, killing him instantly, the elder Kilani said.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates spokesperson Sinan Majali said the Jordanian embassy in the U.S. is following up on U.S. investigations underway.

No other details were immediately available.

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