Israel-Palestine : Dozens killed in Gaza bombings

Israel continued its air attacks on Gaza killing 28 Palestinians, including several leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement. More than 80 people have been injured as the Israeli military offensive enters its third day.
The killing of Ali Ghali, head of Islamic Jihad’s rocket force, and of Ahmed Abu Daqqa, a senior commander of its armed wing, have brought to five the number of senior figures from the faction killed since Israel began striking Gaza on Tuesday.28 Palestinians killed in Gaza: Ministry of Health
The health ministry in Gaza said at total of 28 people have have been killed since Israel launched an assault on the besieged coastal enclave.

Among the dead were four women and six children.EU calls for immediate truce in Gaza
The European Union has called for an immediate truce to halt Israeli operations in Gaza and rocket fire on Israel, foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said.

“We urge an immediate comprehensive ceasefire which will end Israeli military operations in Gaza and current rocket firing against Israel, which is unacceptable. International humanitarian law must be respected,” Borrell said in a statement.Ceasefire will be reached once Israeli atrocities end: Hamas
Hamas says that a ceasefire will be reached once Israel stops carrying out “atrocities” in the Gaza Strip.

“Why are we calling for a ceasefire? Why not demand an end to the Israeli atrocities?” Khaled Qadomi, a member of Hamas, told Al Jazeera.

“The one who started this aggression has to carry the consequences of their crimes. It’s not a question of what Palestinians are to do. It’s a question of what the international community has to do. The ceasefire will be concluded when the Israeli atrocities finish.”One person killed near Tel Aviv by rocket launched from Gaza: Israeli official
One person has been killed when a rocket fired from Gaza struck a city near Tel Aviv, an Israeli emergency official tells Army Radio.

A spokesperson for Israel’s medical services said a rocket struck a four-storey apartment building in Rehovot, leading to a death and at least five injuries.Israeli military in middle of Gaza campaign: Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirms the Israeli military has assassinated two PIJ commanders, saying that Israel is in the middle of its military campaign.

During a visit to the army’s 66th Battalion, also known as the David’s Sling Battalion, he said, “This morning, we targeted the commander of the Islamic Jihad rocket unit in Gaza. A short time ago we targeted his deputy.

As I have said, whoever harms us – will pay the price, as will his replacement. We are in the midst of a campaign, on both offence and defence.”

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