Is Al Pacino back together with Noor Alfallah?

Rumor has it that Al Pacino who is 83 is back with his 30-year-old ex Noor Alfallah after allegedly being spotted walking together on their first date night since they settled their custody battle. 

According to Page Six, exclusive photos from the news outlet in question showed the couple exiting a restaurant called E. Baldi in Beverly Hills, California on Friday night which naturally made headlines across the internet and had users talking across social media platforms.

Additionally, Noor who is originally from Kuwait and currently has one child from Al Pacino called Roman was seen getting into the passenger seat of the car with him amid their alleged date together.

The pictures that were shared by Page Six showcased the couple’s matching outfits as they were both wearing black from top to bottom with Noor wearing leggings with a leather jacket and Pacino wearing sweatpants and a coat.

Is Al Pacino back together with Noor AlFallah?

Al Pacino

The exes who were recently spotted together again after their custody welcomed their first baby Roman in June 2023. Pacino’s representative told Page Six that despite the custody case with Noor, they are pretty much still “together”.

It’s noted that both individuals were ordered to share joint legal custody but Noor is taking care of Roman physically.

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