Indian businessman meets tragic end on stage

In a devastating turn of events, Sanjay Shah, an esteemed Indian businessman and CEO of Vistex, lost his life in a horrific accident during a celebration in Hyderabad, India. The incident took place at Ramoji Film City, where the company was commemorating its silver jubilee. 

Shah, who was 56 years old, and was accompanied by his colleague Raju Datla, entered an iron cage on stage, where they were scheduled to be lowered from a height as part of the event. However, tragedy struck as one side of the iron chain supporting the cage gave way, causing both the Indian businessman and his colleague to fall from a height of 4.5 meters onto the concrete floor.

Law enforcement officers who quickly arrived at the scene described the injuries sustained by Shah and Datla as grave. Both were immediately rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. Sadly, Shah succumbed to his injuries a few days later while undergoing treatment, while Datla currently is still in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

Vistex, headquartered in Illinois, is a renowned company specializing in revenue management solutions and services. With over 2000 employees and 20 offices across the globe, the company had organized a stay for its employees at Ramoji Film City, culminating in a planned two-day celebration to mark its silver jubilee.

Sanjay Shah, originally hailing from Mumbai, was a revered technology entrepreneur who played a pivotal role in driving Vistex’s success since 2000. His leadership and vision propelled the company to become a prominent player in the industry. His tragic death will surely leave a hole in the company. He left behind his wife and two daughters.

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