Imprisonment awaits parents of students absent for 20 days in Saudi Arabia

In a bid to tackle chronic student absences, the Saudi Ministry of Education is gearing up to implement a stringent new approach. 

Under this strategy, parents or guardians of students who are absent from school for 20 days or more without a valid excuse will face serious consequences, including legal action and potential court trials.

Expected to roll out in the upcoming academic year, the initiative aims to curb absenteeism and prioritize students’ attendance. Reports from “Makkah” newspaper reveal that parents or guardians of these students will be investigated by the public prosecution under the Child Protection Law.

Subsequently, the public prosecution will refer the case, complete with its findings and allegations, to the criminal court for further evaluation. Should the court find evidence of parental negligence contributing to the student’s prolonged absence, it holds the authority to impose appropriate penalties and even imprisonment.

The legal course of action, as outlined in Article 23 of the Child Protection Law, underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring that students receive a proper education and to hold parents accountable for their role in facilitating a conducive learning environment.

This measure not only underscores the significance of students’ consistent attendance but also emphasizes the shared responsibility between parents and educational authorities in promoting a healthy and nurturing academic environment.

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