Huge wedding book for prince Hussein

The city of Al-Salt unveiled the largest congratulating wedding book this evening on the occasion of the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II.

During a grand ceremony held at Aqaba Square, organized by the Greater Salt Municipality and the Salt Heritage Channel, official and popular figures from Salt and beyond were present.

This initiative is completely different as it is titled “Al-Salt Celebrates Hussein” to express a message of joy from the people of Al-Balqa Governorate and the city of Al-Salt to His Royal Highness Prince Hussein.

It is a book bearing the signatures of the residents of Al-Balqa and Al-Salt in 2023, aiming to become the largest signed book of congratulations.

The wedding book is made of genuine leather, printed with gold ink, using the finest types of wood. Its sides are decorated, and its total weight is 75 kilograms.

Jordan Crown Prince, who serves as an assistant tank company commander on the brigade’s Second Royal Armoured Battalion, is the eldest son of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania and is getting married to Saudi Rajwa Al Seif on June 1.

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