Homosexuality and deviation are tools wielded by the West to undermine Arab societies.

The Egyptian media and users of social media platforms were abuzz with the incident at a German school in Cairo, where subjects promoting ‘tolerance towards homosexuality’ were being taught. This occurrence is not unprecedented in educational institutions across the Arab world.

Egyptian MP Mahmoud Essam swiftly questioned the Minister of Education, Dr. Reda Hegazy, about this situation, viewing it as a promotion of values contradictory to those entrenched in Egyptian society. Homosexuality is regarded as deviant and condemned, prohibited by religions and divine laws.

Al-Yawm Al-Sabi’ newspaper reported that the MP addressed ‘a German school in the Fifth Settlement area teaching homosexuality and deviation to elementary students,’ criticizing the teaching of inappropriate materials containing deviant and harmful ideas that promote vice, undermine values, morals, and advocate homosexuality.

Earlier this year, reports, including from Al-Arabiya Net, highlighted a controversy at the University of Jordan regarding questions in the national culture exam that were unrelated to the subject matter. These questions addressed prohibited relationships outside of marriage and how parents deal with homosexuals and deviants among their children, among other distasteful inquiries aimed at assessing the educational environment in the country.

These Western efforts to infiltrate the sanctity and integrity of Arab and Islamic societies, particularly those steadfast in their principles, methods, and values, extend beyond scientific and educational institutions. The West employs various means, including social media platforms and intensified messaging, to promote homosexuality and unacceptable behavior rejected by religion, customs, and human conduct.

Western countries have sought to ensnare Arab refugees, whose children, upon entering the education system, found it a breeding ground for promoting deviance, homosexuality, and gender transformation. Consequently, numerous families have been compelled to abandon Europe and return to Arab countries.

Arab and Islamic governments must steadfastly oppose the West and its aberrant agenda. There is a pressing need to establish institutions and associations that elucidate the objectives of adversaries of Islamic and Arab society, while also highlighting the dangers of normalizing vice and confronting the media onslaught and promotion of deviance from all angles.”

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