Hezbollah says stages multi-drone strike on Israeli outpost in Golan Height

Lebanon’s pro-Iranian Hezbollah group said on Monday it launched a multi-drone attack on an Israeli air defense outpost across the border in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

It said the rare attack, in which it deployed four drones, hit their target with “accuracy” in what it said was another operation in support of Palestinian militant groups in Gaza.

Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in 1967.

Hezbollah and the Israeli military have been exchanging fire along Lebanon’s southern border since October, when Hezbollah launched rockets at Israel in support of its Palestinian ally Hamas, which is at war with Israel in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli strikes had been mostly limited to the southern border region of Lebanon, although they have edged further north in recent weeks.

Hezbollah last month said it fired rockets against the same target in the Golan Heights.

The armed group has used surface-to-air missiles on several occasions since Oct. 7 to target Israeli aircraft. It has also launched its own surveillance drones into northern Israel.

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