‘Mass casualties’ at Gaza centre sheltering IDPs

  • UNRWA reports “mass casualties” as training centre sheltering tens of thousands of displaced people in Khan Younis catches fire after being struck amid fierce fighting.
  • Israeli forces continue tank-and-drone strikes on Khan Younis city with at least 210 people killed over the past 24 hours.

    Israeli forces isolate Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis: Health Ministry

    Gaza’s Ministry of Health says the Israeli army has isolated the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis.

    The ministry confirmed the hospital is in urgent need of medical supplies, food and fuel, noting there are about 400 dialysis patients who cannot access treatment.

    Hundreds of wounded people, sick patients and maternity cases are facing serious complications as a result of the lack of access to the hospital, the ministry added.

    ‘Mass casualties’ after attack on Khan Younis shelter causes fire: UNRWA

    Thomas White, the director of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip, says that a building complex sheltering tens of thousands of displaced people in Khan Younis has caught fire after it was hit amid escalating fighting.

    “Safe access to/from the centre has been denied for two days,” he said in a post on X, adding that people remain “trapped”.

    Israeli troops restricting movement of PRCS staff in Khan Younis: Organisation

    The Palestine Red Crescent Society says Israeli soldiers are surrounding its teams inside the organisation’s headquarters and at El Amal Hospital in Khan Younis.

    The troops are “enforcing restrictions on movement around both the building and the hospital”, it said in a post on X.

    Six Palestinians killed in Khan Younis

    Our colleagues at Al Jazeera Arabic are reporting that six Palestinians have been killed and 11 others wounded in an Israeli bombing that targeted various areas in Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip.

    A correspondent also reported Israeli shelling and clashes in the central and western areas of Khan Younis.

    About 50 Palestinians have been killed in the past 24 hours due to the Israeli bombing on the city.

    Supporters of captives try to prevent aid from entering Gaza

    There are reports about Israeli protesters at the Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) crossing to the Gaza Strip preventing humanitarian aid trucks from entering.

    The demonstrators are members of a group known as Order Nine Movement who call for stopping aid from entering Gaza, including medical supplies, until all Israeli captives are released.

    It is important to point out that the amount of humanitarian supplies that have been entering Gaza is so little compared to the actual need.

    It has been reduced within the past few weeks from 200 trucks a day to 80 trucks and even those go through a lengthy process of clearance and security checks, causing further delay in the aid reaching those desperately in need.

    Israel delaying aid into Gaza as ‘pressure’ tactic: Egypt president

    Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi says the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza is open 24/7 but Israeli procedures hamper the entrance of aid.

    “This is part of how they exert pressure on the issue of releasing the hostages,” el-Sisi said.

    Earlier, Israeli protesters – including family members of captives held in Gaza – blocked the entrance of the Israel-controlled Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) crossing in an attempt to prevent aid trucks from entering Gaza.

    They don’t want any humanitarian relief going into the war-ravaged territory until captives are released.

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