Here is everything we know about Sen Çal Kapımı season 3

 The frenzy of Turkish series Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door / Love Is in the Air) is still ‘in the air’ despite the end of season two a couple of years ago.

And two years later, fans and viewers of the show are still asking if there will be a third season of the romcom starring Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel.

sen cal kapimi sezon 3

Will there be Season 3 of Sen Çal Kapımı?

Season 2 finale was in September 2021, and the first thing viewers asked afterwards was: ‘will there be a third season?’

Actually, the star of the show Kerem Bürsin answered this question in a live Instagram after season 2 came to an end.

As many of you know, Kerem Bürsin, who played Serkan Bolat in the show, had this habit of entertaining his fans in live Instagram sessions along with ex girlfriend and former co-star Hande Erçel, as part of the promotional campaign of the show.

And in one live session, Kerem clearly said: “That is over,” then he joked that the show might see the light again in 20 years.

Will Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel work together again in the future?

In summer 2021, when Kerem Bürsin was asked about potential future shows next to Hande Erçel, the co-stars were actually in an official relationship at the time, and Kerem said that it might happen.

Bürsin said: ‘There may be another project together. There is the possibility but not this year, maybe a year from now. Not soon. First we are going to take the time to explore the world and then we will see.’

At the time, there were strong rumors that the two stars will lead roles in a Netflix movie. So far we haven’t seen the two stars acting together. But who knows, maybe we’ll see something in the future, especially since they are two professional actors, and they can put their former relationship aside and do the job.

sen cal kapımı 3. sezon yayın tarihi

Kerem Bürsin describes working with Hande Erçel

The actor who played Serkan Bolat said in an Instagram live: ‘Sen Çal Kapımı has been a pleasant experience. Very beautiful. Really, very pleasant. Hande and I have talked about that today,’

And about Hande Erçel who was next to him in the live session, he said: ‘You were always a very sweet partner. A supportive and motivating partner, I would always want to work with you again.’

sen cal kapimi 3. sezon yeni posteri

Tweets of fans who wish to see Kerem and Hande work again

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