Hande Erçel turned her back on Kerem Bürsin because of this reason

Hande Erçel has become one of the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry in Turkey and the world. Her beauty and talent have catapulted her to fame and she is known for her successful projects on the small screen.

However, there were times in her career when she had to make difficult decisions, such as turning down the opportunity to work alongside her ex-boyfriend, Kerem Bürsin, on a television series.

In 2022, when Disney+ made its entry in Turkey, the popular actress received a tempting proposal to lead the company’s first series in the country. The project, titled Between the World and Me, presented an intriguing and promising premise. However, Hande Erçel had solid reasons to reject this unique opportunity.

One of the main reasons behind her decision was the content of some scenes in the script that Hande Erçel considered too risque. The performer is known for being selective in her roles and for maintaining a respectable public image and the scenes in question did not fit with her professional vision. Despite her desire to take on challenges in her career and the fact that her proposal also involved Kerem Bürsin, the model had limits regarding the representation of certain situations on screen.

Hande Erçel’s decision was not taken lightly. Although her relationship with Kerem Bürsin was in a complicated stage, she would have had the opportunity to share the screen with her then boyfriend. However, the script’s complicated scenes and the need to maintain her professional integrity led her to say no to the project.

Hande Erçel’s rejection opened the door for talented actress Demet Özdemir to take on the lead role in Between the World and Me. The choice of Özdemir generated a series of reactions and expectations were created around her on-screen chemistry with Bugra Gülsoy, who eventually became her co-star. The series became one of the biggest hits of 2023.

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