Hande Erçel Named Brand Ambassador for Pomellato New Collection ‘Together’ in Milan

The new brand ambassador for Pomellato Maison is well-known actress Hande Erçel.

To underline the value of relationships and togetherness, Milan-based jewelry designer Pomellato is working with Erçel to launch its new collection, Together.

Pomellato wants to draw attention to the emotional value of jewels and the connections among individuals.

Hande Erçel, the face of Pomellato’s new campaign, emphasized the importance of unity and mutual bonds. The brand’s goal is to honor and draw attention to the importance of individuals’ interactions with the significant people in their lives.

By designing interdependence, Pomellato wants to help individuals communicate their unique ties and appreciate connectivity. Pomellato’s Together line draws interest with its modern and exquisite designs. The collection’s jewelry is notable for its understated but remarkable simplicity. Every work focuses on the emotional connotations and ties in human interactions.

With this collection, Pomellato wants to enable its patrons to celebrate their relationships with their loved ones and revisit memories of the most important events. Hande Erçel expressed her immense delight at becoming Pomellato Maison’s buddy. Erçel said he had great satisfaction in being among the businesses Pomellato chose to collaborate with.

He also said he was glad to emphasize the importance of dedication, as he enjoyed the message of the collection and the philosophy it conveyed. The part Hande Erçel plays in Pomellato’s new ad looks to be quite helpful for the brand reaching its objectives.

The Pomellato Together collection will become well-known among more people because of Erçel’s popularity and elegant approach. Erçel’s supporters and admirers can also be interested in the brand and collection, which they can distribute on social media. The fashion and jewelry industries have greatly benefited from Pomellato’s partnership with Hande Erçel to present her new line. More news about the Pomellato Together collection is anticipated, given the pictures and videos that will be posted on social media, reaching significant audiences.

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