Hande Erçel holds hands with her boyfriend

Hande Erçel holds hands with her new boyfriend Hakan Sabancı at the airport.

After a trip to Finland, famous Turkish actress Hande Erçel and new boyfriend Hakan Sabancı return to Turkey, and can bee seen holding hands at the airport as they walked holding hands.

Cameras focused on the couple the moment they arrived at the airport as their plane landed from Finland.

Erçel and Sabancı looked happy and all smiles in a video that was taken to Instagram by Gazete Magazin.


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Their relationship was confirmed when Hakan was asked about it, he shared “this is the second time you take pictures if us, our relationship is going well.”

But Sabancı was not very comfortable with the questions, and ended the interview as soon as he could.

Before this relationship, Erçel was linked the You Knock on My Door star, Kerem Bürsin.

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