Giant statue of Shakira unveiled in Colombia

Barranquilla, Colombia, has become home to a monumental tribute to the renowned international pop sensation Shakira, as a 6.5-meter statue of the Grammy award-winning artist graces her birthplace.

The colossal statue, standing at an impressive height, showcases the iconic dance moves from Shakira’s famous “Hips Don’t Lie” music video. Crafted by artist Yino Marques, the sculpture has become an instant landmark, reflecting the global impact of Shakira’s contributions to the world of music.

Shakira took to social media to share cherished moments from her family’s visit to the statue. Expressing her happiness, she remarked, “Sharing this with my family, especially with my mother on her birthday, makes me happy.”

The installation of this larger-than-life statue in Barranquilla is more than just a tribute to Shakira; it is a cultural celebration of the city’s pride in its homegrown talent. The Grammy winner’s influence extends far beyond borders, and this artistic endeavor solidifies her place as a symbol of Barranquilla’s rich musical heritage.

View of a statue of Colombian singer Shakira at the Malecon in Barranquilla, Colombia.

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