GE HealthCare showcases AI-powered innovations to shape future of healthcare

GE HealthCare, a global medical technology and digital solutions innovator, will highlight the game-changing technologies that are defining the future of healthcare with the launch of 19 new product innovations at Arab Health 2024.

More than 3,450 exhibitors and over 110,000 healthcare professionals from 180 countries will be participating this year from January 29 to February 1 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

At the annual global exhibition and conference, GE HealthCare will unveil its leading imaging, ultrasound, and patient care solutions that are designed to better inform clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes.

GE HealthCare will showcase cutting-edge innovations in precision care that boldly reimagines how care is delivered and are critical to solving some of the most significant clinical challenges in the MENEAT region. This comes at a time when the healthcare industry in the region is moving from a curative care to a preventive care model and public and private sector stakeholders in the region are investing heavily in technology to make use of early diagnostic tools to accelerate the transformation.

In key markets like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey, and Egypt, GE HealthCare has been expanding its broad range of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems and devices to revamp existing hospital practices and accelerate diagnostics and treatment.

Hady El Khoury, Regional General Manager MENEAT for GE HealthCare, said: “Leveraging deep learning solutions will be critical as more countries shift to a future-ready healthcare ecosystem to promote precise, connected, and compassionate care. Imaging plays a vital role in healthcare diagnosis and delivery, and through collaborations with local and regional providers, and our growing portfolio of 19 plus new product innovations powered by AI will help revamp existing hospital practices and accelerate diagnostics and treatment in the MENEAT.”

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