From beggar to millionaire, world’s richest beggar from India

Bharat Jain holds the title of the wealthiest beggar globally and is often spotted begging on the streets of Mumbai,  according to a report by Economic Times.

The resident of Mumbai possesses a net worth of Rs 7.5 crores ($1 million), and unlike himself, his children have not been deprived of education as they have had the opportunity to complete their schooling.

Bharat earns a monthly income of Rs 60,000-75,000 through begging. Additionally, he owns a two-bedroom flat in Mumbai valued at Rs 1.2 crore and also rents out two shops in Thane, generating a monthly rental income of Rs 30,000.

The remarkable journey of Bharat Jain, from humble beginnings to becoming a prosperous beggar, is truly extraordinary.

Born into a financially constrained family, he faced limitations in pursuing formal education, which hindered his chances of securing stable employment.

Bharat Jain defied these challenges and succeeded in building a life for himself and his family through his unconventional occupation.

While Bharat Jain and his family live comfortably in a duplex residence in Parel, with a 1BHK layout, their children attend a convent school.

Additionally, other members of the family own a stationery store. Despite their relatively stable situation, Bharat has been consistently advised against begging.

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