Fortnite OG: Nostalgia beckons as Chapter 4 Season 5 drops

Chapter 4 Season OG is now live, taking players on a thrilling journey back to the Chapter 1 map from 2018. 

Epic Games has pulled out all the stops, introducing a host of throwback weapons, loot, vehicles, and more, delivering a wave of nostalgia that’s been years in the making.

This season, aptly named OG by Epic Games, is a testament to the dedication of the Fortnite community. The return to Chapter 1 brings back iconic weapons like the Assault Rifle and Pump Shotgun, as well as vehicles like Shopping Carts, available in both Zero Build and regular Battle Royale modes.

The OG Pass, the battle pass for this season, offers 50 tiers of throwback rewards, providing a condensed yet exciting experience for players. It’s a departure from the usual 100+ tiers, but every tier is packed with retro-inspired surprises.

One of the most notable changes this season is its shorter duration, spanning just one month. But don’t let that fool you—the pace of updates has been dialed up significantly. Week by week, the battle royale island and loot will transform, reflecting different eras from Chapter 1 Seasons 5 through 10. Some items will stick around for multiple updates, while others may only grace the game for a week before making way for something new.

For those seeking to recapture the magic of earlier Fortnite days, the Fortnite OG Shop is a treasure trove of nostalgia. It features older and rare cosmetics like skins and gliders, along with reimagined items that blend the past with the present. These items are expected to be in high demand, so be sure to check the shop daily for a chance to snag some of the game’s most coveted and uncommon cosmetics.

So gear up, drop into the Chapter 1 map, and relive the glory days of Fortnite with Chapter 4 Season OG—now live and ready for action!

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