Everyone is Harry Potter! Germany sets world record

The Harry Potter fictional character has been stealing the hearts of many people across the world since its release starting with the first Harry Potter novel series in 1997 by British writer Gee. Ki. Rowling and then when the character turned into a movie personality in 2001.

People worldwide including children have been imitating the Harry Potter character in its look and way of dress, especially in special occasions such as Halloween.

The German city of Hamburg has gained a new world record for the largest gathering of people dressed up as Harry Potter.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter. (Shutterstock)

People gathered wore long black robes, and round glasses as well as they placed a scar on their foreheads.

At least 1758 people joined in the famous magician’s costume in the square of the municipality’s headquarters in this northern German city, according to event organizers Perth, Australia held the previous record in 2017 when 997 showed up as Harry Potter.

Among the participants in Saturday’s gathering were a large number of children.

Isabelle Suting, 16, who did not want to miss the event revealed to AFP: “I’ve always been blown away by all this magical world” by Harry Potter.

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