Donkeys used for transport amid Morocco earthquake

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Morocco, locals in remote areas are resorting to unique means of transportation to move supplies and give relief to those affected by the earthquake. 

In areas that are difficult to reach by vehicles, locals are using donkeys to transport necessary supplies to affected villages.

Government officials have yet to arrive in many of the affected villages by the earthquake, leading to a lack of essential relief efforts. This is particularly true for those living in remote areas, such as the village of Akandiz in the High Atlas.

One resident of the village, Ido Hammad Mohamed, spoke out about the lack of government assistance, stating: “No government official has arrived in the village yet. Many people died in my village, and some families lost 15 of their relatives, others 12 or 7. We need tents in particular, as what we have is not enough, and people, including children, are sleeping in the open, and they only have blankets.”



The earthquake has left a rough terrain and damaged roads in many areas, making it difficult for government response teams to reach the most impacted villages. While field hospitals and shelters have been set up in more accessible areas, many of the worst-hit villages are still waiting for aid.

One affected villager, Abdullah Hussein, spoke out about the lack of resources, stating: “There is no road here, and no one can remove the rocks that collapsed from the mountain… We hide our feelings. You know that people here are a little tough, and they can’t show that they are weak or that they can cry, but inside you just want to go somewhere and cry.”

While the government has sent tents to some affected villages, such as the village of Zawit, they are not waterproof. In areas where rain and snow are abundant, this poses a significant problem. Many people are rightfully feeling vulnerable and uncertain about the future.

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