Iraq bans eye color change in cosmetic center

The Iraqi Medical Association has officially decided to prohibit the performance of eye color change procedures by cosmetic surgeons, restricting them solely to specialized ophthalmologists.

This decision was made based on scientific reports from Iraqi universities, affirming that such procedures pose health risks and are unauthorized for cosmetic purposes.

In an official statement, the association emphasized that the use of laser or intraocular lens implantation to change eye color violates laws and poses health risks.

It stressed that such procedures should only be performed by ophthalmologists specialized in this field, not by cosmetic surgeons lacking sufficient expertise.

Reports indicate that eye color change procedures using lasers have recently become prevalent in Iraq, where low-energy laser beams are directed towards the eye, affecting melanin pigmentation and resulting in a lighter color, such as blue, for example.

Considering the health and legal risks associated with these procedures, the decision by the Iraqi Medical Association aims to protect the safety of citizens and ensure the provision of medical services with a high level of professionalism and safety.

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