Donkey forced to smoke weed to carry more weights

A video of two men holding a donkey and forcing him to smoke week has been circulating social media.

According to social media users, the video took place in the Indian city of Uttarakhand, which is known for its Hindu pilgrimage sites.

Some people claimed that the two people were forcing the donkey to smoke by grabbing his mouth and nose, to make him carry more weight without complaining.

Reports revealed that the two men were on their way toward Kedarnath Temple for a religious journey.

The video has gained massive interaction with animal rights advocates slamming the behavior and calling it a crime.

A person commented: “This is very sad. It’s animal cruelty and I don’t like it. They should be arrested for this crime.” Another added: “This is so messed up.”

A Twitter user said: “Demons in human form.”

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