Doctors strike in South Korea grows, cancelling operations

 A large Doctors strike is taking place in South Korea right now. Thousands of trainee doctors in South Korea have decided to go on strike to protest government reforms that would increase medical school admissions. More than 8,800 junior doctors have quit their positions, leaving hospitals in a state of chaos.

The government claims that the reforms are necessary due to a shortage of doctors in the country and an aging population. However, doctors argue that the changes will negatively impact patient care and the quality of medical education.

Doctors strike in South Korea grows, cancelling operations

Many South Koreans support the reforms, especially in remote areas where access to quality healthcare is limited. Despite government orders for the protesting doctors to return to work, the doctors’ strike continues to grow.

Doctors strike

As a result of the walkout, many patients have had their treatments delayed or canceled. Cancer patients and expectant mothers needing C-sections have been especially affected. Patients like Hong Jae-ryun, a brain cancer patient, have seen their treatments postponed without a set date.

The strike has created tension between doctors and patients, with many feeling betrayed and angry. Some patients have expressed frustration at the lack of responsibility shown by the striking doctors.

Nurses, who are left in charge during the strike, have called for the doctors to return to work. They sympathize with the doctors’ fight against the reforms but urge them to prioritize patient care.

Doctors strike

The trainee doctors’ association argues that the reforms will only worsen the already difficult working conditions for doctors. They feel neglected and mistreated by the government.

While the strike continues, patients are left unsure when they will receive the medical care they need. The conflict between the government and doctors shows no signs of resolution, leaving many patients feeling worried about their future in this conflict they found themselves in the middle.

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