Diletta Leotta reveals sex and name of her soon-to-be born baby

 Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius are so close to become a mother and father.

Italian sports presenter Diletta Leotta has recently been interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport.

And during the interview, the DAZN presenter opened up about the name of her soon-to-be-born baby.

Leotta revealed that she and Loris are having a baby girl.

And regarding the baby’s name, the couple has agreed to name her after Diletta Leotta’s mother ‘Ofelia’.

Diletta Leotta Loris Karius bebeğin adı ve cinsiyeti nome e sesso del bambino

Diletta said: “We agreed on Ofelia, which is my mother’s name,”

Then The Italian presenter explained the meaning of the name: “Rare, important, a nice, Shakespearean name.”

However, the ex girlfriend of Can Yaman said that her mother didn’t like the idea of naming her granddaughter after her.

diletta leotta madre anne mother Ofelia Castorina

“But my mom didn’t want to, she told me that it’s a disgrace for a daughter, that she’s suffered all her life.”

Diletta then added that she already got a tattoo of the name ‘Ofelia’.

“Too bad, I already had it tattooed on my wrist. So what will it be? Before I choose her name, I want to look into her eyes.”

Will Can Yaman like the name ‘Ofelia’?

At some point, the mother of Diletta Leotta, Ofelia Castorina, was about to become Can Yaman’s mother-in-law as the two had almost got married in 2021.

Since naming children after their grandparents is on the table, would Can Yaman have accepted to name his and Diletta’s baby girl after Leotta’s mother ‘Ofelia’ if they had got married? Or would they name her after Can’s mother’s name ‘Güldem’?

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta have separated early in 2022.

can yaman mother madre anne Güldem Yaman with diletta leotta

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