Diletta Leotta disses Can Yaman in recent interview

 Diletta Leotta is currently enjoying her little bundle of joy, Aria, whom she gave birth to on August 16 with boyfriend Loris Karius.

And in a recent interview that took place with Italian Magazine “Grazia”, Diletta touched on several topics, such as how women feel towards her, her current boyfriend Loris Karius, and her ex lover Can Yaman.

Diletta Leotta, Can Yaman'a yumruk attı Diletta Leotta critica Can Yaman

“When will women love me?”

In the interview, Camilla Baresani asked Diletta Leotta: “Diletta, how do you explain this female hatred that accompanies you?”

Diletta Leotta answered: “I really don’t know, I would like to ask them, and indeed to help me to understand it. Perhaps, in the case of journalist Paola Ferrari who has attacked me several times, it is due to the fact that we have never met. Maybe, if you knew me, you would say: “Sorry, I made a mistake.”

Still on the subject of female hatred, she then moves on to another chapter of her life: “I remember that, in the second or third year of high school, a teacher made a note to me in the register because I was distracting the class. I had leggings and a sweatshirt, which by the way was mandatory because we had Physical Education that day”. Diletta also addresses a very delicate topic, the harassment she suffered from at school.

Diletta Leotta o zaman ve şimdi Diletta Leotta ieri e oggi

Camilla Baresani: “Have you ever been afraid of men? For example, the perception of taking a risk if you walk down a street alone?”

Diletta Leotta: “I would not say. Sometimes I felt the embarrassment of feeling all eyes on me, annoying, slimy looks, or the vulgar chants in the stadium, which fortunately have now ceased. I had one bad experience when I was a teenager. The gym teacher, the one who made us put on the leggings, once slapped my butt, and said something like, “You’re making me dip the cookie.” I didn’t know what he meant, I didn’t understand. I went home and immediately told my father, who is a lawyer. That professor was immediately suspended and sent away from the institute.”

Diletta Leotta molestata e schiaffeggiata mentre era al liceo  Diletta Leotta lisedeyken taciz edildi ve kıçına şaplak atıldı

How did Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius meet?

During the interview, Diletta also talks about her private life and the evening she was with some friends, including Barbara Berlusconi, when she met Loris Karius.

Camilla Baresani: “How did you meet Loris?”

Diletta Leotta: “I was in Paris fashion show with some friends. We went to dinner at the Hotel Costes. Then, when he entered, Loris, he lit up the room, as if the sun had entered. I said to the girls: Look, the man of my life has entered. Loris went to sit with some friends and of course he noticed us watching. As he left he leaned over and looked at me. And I said: Oh God girls he chose me. With us was Barbara Berlusconi, who speaks excellent English, she said: Come on, let’s go and meet him. I didn’t speak English, I was ashamed, but she made him sit down with us and we’ve been in contact ever since.”

Diletta Leotta ve Loris Karius nasıl tanıştı? Come si sono conosciuti Diletta Leotta e Loris Karius?

Diletta Leotta throws a jab at Can Yaman

Then, Diletta Leotta threw a dig at Can Yaman, whom she dated in the summer of 2021, reporting Torresette.news.

She according to the online portal, Diletta said: “I didn’t stay on good terms with him. But he did not depend on me”.

Diletta Leotta criticizes Can Yaman Diletta Leotta, Can Yaman'ı eleştiriyor

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