First hearing set for Amr Diab’s alleged assault case on july 30: faces one Billion pounds lawsuit amidst legal battles

 In light of recent events surrounding the Amr Diab incident involving a young man who received a physical blow to the face, the Fifth Settlement Misdemeanor Court has scheduled the first hearing for next July 30.

Speaking Arabic, ET spoke with Hussein Al-Mutani, the young man’s attorney, who confirmed that his client had previously sued Amr Diab, first for monetary damages amounting to one billion pounds (in response to Amr Diab’s report) and second for the alleged public slapping of the young man’s face. This sparked discussions about it on many social media platforms.

The Public Prosecutor’s Technician registered Administrative Report No. 1714 of 12024 in the lawsuit petition, which Hussein Al-Mutani, the young man’s lawyer, submitted to the office in accordance with the text of Article 27 of criminal proceedings.

In a different context, Amr Diab had been relatively quiet for a while, but he was eager to promote his new single “Ta’ima” by posting a black-and-white photo of himself and stating, “Coming soon.”

An hour after the announcement of the event, all tickets sold out, securing Amr Diab’s spot at a grand concert in Beirut on June 15. This follows the record-breaking crowd that attended Amr Diab’s show in Beirut last year.

The official Arabic papers received by ET clearly show that Amr Diab is facing two lawsuits for his slapping of Saad Osama. In the first case, Amr Diab faces numerous charges of bullying and disrupting public order. In the second case, Saad Osama defends himself in court against Amr Diab’s lawsuit. The 53 attorneys from Saad’s hometown claimed a million pounds in damages, and Hussein Al-Mutani, the lawyer representing Saad Osama, lays out the events leading up to Amr Diab’s slap and the massive settlement for the first time.

In addition to the psychological toll it took on Saad, who had planned to run in the Egyptian parliamentary elections, the widespread damage the video inflicted on him after its release further complicated matters, as did the fact that the controversy quickly became a matter of public opinion in Egypt and the Arab world. Additionally, they accused Saad of inciting Amr Diab, citing statements that showed Saad taking pictures with Diab before the incident, his habit of following celebrities for photo ops, and his lack of invitation to the party as evidence. How does the lawyer react to this?

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