Crystal series episode 46: Will Basil die after Aws shot him?

Many developments have taken place in the latest episodes of Crystal series, the Arabized version of the Turkish drama Güllerin Savaşı (translated to: War of the Roses).

Samir dies

Last week episodes of Crystal series have witnessed many shocking developments, with Alia, played by actress Pamela Al-Kik, met with Lamia, played by actress Sabah Barakat, the mother of Dr. Jawad, in order to keep Fay away from him.

Based on the agreement, Lamia deludes her son Jawad and makes him believe that she has accepts Fay to be his wife. In fact, she goes to Fay’s father ‘Samir’, played by Nazim Issa, and asks for his daughter’s hand.

does basil die in crystal series. basil dies

As Jawad and Fay are on cloud nine and living the happiest moments of their lives, Alia completes her plan and decides to confront Samir with pictures of his daughter, Rafif, played by Joan Zaybak, with her grandson, Tamer, played by Bilal Martini, and asks him to keep his daughter away from Tamer. She also tells him the story of Lynn’s miscarriage.

Uncle Samir gets angry and hits his daughter, Rafif, and Dr. Jawad tries to calm him down, but he can’t tolerate the shock and dies immediately.

Faye’s plan to take revenge on Alia and Lamia

By coincidence, Fay overhears a conversation between Alia and Lamia, in which they talk about Samir’s death and that they caused it, and she immediately decides to take revenge on them, especially on Alia.

Fay goes to Alia’s brother, Basil, played by Khaled Shabat, and convinces him to go with her to court and get married to surprise everyone. Fay returns with Basil to the palace, causing a great shock to Alia.

This marriage also shocks Dr. Jawad, who tries to find out why Faye made this decision, to no avail.

Alia refuses to accept this marriage and seeks in various ways to have it annulled. She tries to cooperate with a psychiatrist to transfer Basil to a hospital to annul the marriage, but Jawad intervenes and prevents this matter.

The end of Episode 46 witnesses a great shock, after Fay’s former lover, Aws, learns of her marriage to Basil. He angrily heads to Alia’s palace, picks up a gun that Fay had previously hidden in the garden, and tries to kill Basil.

When the conflict between them intensifies and Fay and Basil try to disarm Aws, a bullet accidentally goes out and hits Basil. At this moment, Dr. Jawad hears the sound of the bullet and quickly enters the palace and shockingly sees Basil on the ground.

Does Basil die?

After the end of the episode, viewers rushed to ask a question about the fate of Basil, whether he would die and his role would end, and what would happen after this scene.

Based on the Turkish version, Basil falls into a coma, and Alia decides to accuse Fay of killing him, especially since her fingerprints were on the gun, and Fay goes to prison.

During her trial, Dr. Jawad attends and reveals the truth about what happened. Basil wakes up from his coma and acquits Fay.

Although Basil survived this incident, according to the Turkish version, he dies, and all his money goes to his wife, Fay.

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