Crystal series: Alia succeeds in separating Jawad and Fay

Multiple developments have taken place in the past episodes of Crystal series.

Based on the Turkish drama Güllerin Savaşı (translated to: War of the Roses), Crystal series is broadcast on MBC and online streaming platform from Sunday to Thursday starring prominent actors from Syria and Lebanon.

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Alia’s plans succeed in ending Fay and Jawad’s relationship

In this week’s episodes, actress Pamela El-Kik, who plays the character of Alia, was able to provoke the audience after she gave a distinguished performance in evil and intrigues to keep her ex-lover, Dr. Jawad Fayyad, played by Mahmoud Nasr, away from Fay, played by actress Stephanie Atallah.

Episode 33 has witnessed an important development in Jawad and Fay’s relationship after they talked and decided to resolve the dispute between them. Fay told Jawad that she was angry with him because he didn’t respond to her message and seeing him kissing Alia in her room.

Immediately, Jawad explained to Fay that he had not seen the message, expressing his astonishment. He also explained to her the truth behind the kiss between with Alia, and that the she was the one who initiated it.

After they spoke quietly and decided to resume their relationship, they exchanged a smooch. The episode ended with Fay’s father seeing the kiss.

Episode 34

Fay’s father expelled her from the house because of her relationship with Dr. Jawad.

In addition, Alia colludes with Ward, played by Leen Gherra, in order to keep Jawad and Fay away from each other. Alia deludes Jawad that everything Fay does is in order to become like her and that she is trying to imitate her in everything and that her love for Jawad is nothing but an imitation of her.

And to convince him of this, she calls an old friend, Zyad, and brings him to meet Fay in the company before Jawad’s eyes, then she arranges for a dinner for Fay and Zyad and makes sure that Jawad sees them. Eventually Jawad begins to be convinced of Alia’s words.

Alia was also able to influence her brother Basil and make him hate Fay after she tells him that she is in love with Dr. Jawad.

How many episodes does Crystal series have?

With the developments of the series, viewers started to wonder about the number of episodes remaining of the show.

Mahmoud Nasr stated earlier that the number of episodes of the series is 90, similar to the Arabized Turkish version, and that the show took 9 months to be filmed in Turkey.

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