Crow splits Israeli flag, throws it to ground

Social media users widely circulated a video showing a crow removing an Israeli flag from a pole with its beak and throwing it to the ground.

The Israeli flag was on a pole on the roof of a building in “occupied Palestinian territories”, and the crow pulled the flag from its pole and threw it on the ground.

He (the crow) seemed to be careless about settler’s screams, who kept repeating, “I am shocked.”

The crow, who succeeded in snatching the flag and throwing it to the ground after several attempts, despite its small size, stood firmly and steadily at the top of the mast after completing its mission.

A number of social media pioneers shared the short video. Some users commented ironically that the crow gives a lesson to some on how to deal with Israel.

While a number of commentators resembled what the crow did as Israel’s weakness, despite its large army and international support.

Some activists reposted an old video of another crow that threw an Israeli flag to the ground and tore it up.

According to Wikipedia, the Palestinian territories are the two regions of the former British Mandate for Palestine that have been militarily occupied by Israel since the Six-Day War of 1967

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