China’s must-watch Anime “Donghua”

Many anime fans do not know about the existence of Chinese Anime “Donghua”, but it has been steadily growing over the years with shows even airing on the popular streaming platform Netflix! 

The term “Donghua” refers to animation series made in China and are usually adopted from Chinese comics “Manhua” similar to how Anime adopts series from Manga.

There are plenty of Dongua to watch, but Al Bawaba has got you covered with China’s must-watch ones.

1) Link Click (2 seasons)

China's Must-Watch Anime

Studio LAN and Haoliners Animation League’s original series Link Click is a fan favorite with its gripping story and unpredictable plot twists.

It follows the story of two photographers with the power to enter clients’ photographs by jumping into their pictures and granting their wishes.

2) Mo Dao Zu Shi “The Founder of Diabolism” (3 seasons)

China's Must-Watch Anime

Mo Dao Zu Shi is a Dongua that B.CMAY PICTURES adapted from a Chinese web novel of the same name. It has built itself quite the

According to MAL, The series follows the story of two men and their mission to unravel the mysteries of the spiritual world by fighting demons, ghosts, and other unfamiliar creatures.

3) The Legend of Hei “Luo Xiao Hei Zhan Ji” (Movie)

China's Must-Watch Anime

The Legend of Hei follows the story of a demon cat called Luo Xiaohei that is forced to leave his home in the forest because of human development.

This leaves Luo Xiaohei homeless roaming the streets until he encounters Feng Xi, a fellow monster who takes Xiaohei to an isolated island inhabited by a small group of monsters (MAL)

4) Scissor Seven “Cike Wu Liuqi” (4 seasons)

China's Must-Watch Anime

Also known as Killer Seven is an original action Dongua animated and produced by Sharefun Studio and AHA Entertainment.

Wu is a bounty hunter that is terrible at his job when he is found hunting the wrong person or failing an assassination.

Wu is on the quest to simply regain the memories he lost with the aid of friends he meets on the way.

5) The King’s Avatar “Quanzhi Gaoshou” (2 seasons)

China's Must-Watch Anime

The King’s Avatar is a story about a top-tier Esports player in a fictional online multiplayer game called Glory.

Ye Xiu is forced to quit his team and find a job at an internet cafe leaving his gaming career behind.

Glory opens up its tenth server and Ye Xiu joins using a new character under the name of “Lord Grim.”  He embarks on a new journey with new comrades traversing the path to Glory’s summit!

6) Spare Me, Great Lord! “Da Wang Rao Ming” (2 Seasons)

China's Must-Watch Anime

Tencent Penguin Pictures’ Spare Me, Great Lord! is a story about an orphan Lu Shu and his sister Lu Xiaoyu.

Lu Shu embarks on a magical journey to hone his peculiar abilities together with his sister.

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